Dancer The Boxer


2002 Dancer Practicing At The Lab

Dancer loved to do tricks any time.  Not only he knew basic obedience commands such as “sit, stand, stay, down, come”, he also can do the following tricks on command; “weave, left/right roll over, hug, kiss, wave, shake-a-paw, speak, cry, bang (play-dead), forward/backward heeling, forward/backward figure 8 between legs, cookie on the nose, beg, bummy-up (play-bow), circle left/right, hoop-jumping, belly-crawl, stands on hind legs.”  The useful tricks we found beneficial to us was he was able to do “Pee-pee and Poo-poo” on command.


Dancer the Boxer (Boxjoy’s Frosty Frolic)


March 24, 2002

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